RESULTS REPORT : Corporate Meditation ‘Stress Buster’ Conference Presentation. (Sydney Darling Harbour) (N:300+)

CLIENT :  IBM – Regional Management Conference – 3 Key Assessments sought:               • Personal    • Departmental    • Organisational

  • RATIONALE :  Assess management group response to the subject, presenter, and technique as a prelude to pilot programs of in-house presentations/workshops
  • OUTCOMES :  Across the group of 300 + Managers during the session scored
  • Calmness 96%  ~  Peacefulness 91%  ~  Thoughtless Awareness %85
  •     RESULTS – IBM Conference Presentation 

    IBM Reg Mngt Confer Corporate Meditation Presentation Response graph


RESULTS REPORT : Corporate Meditation ‘Learn HOW TO MEDITATE’  inhouse workshops. (3 capital cities each with four week programs) (N:260+)

CLIENT :  prominent Australian Legal Corporation – with 3 Key Result outcomes sought  • Mental Resilience   • Lowering Stress   • Improving Wellness

  • RATIONALE :  greater employee wellbeing is associated with  – better job performance,   – lower absenteeism,   – employee retention,   – occurrence of more discretionary work behaviours,   – Less stress,   – Higher resilience.
  1. In each office the project was for 4 workshops each that began with a single secular ‘Stressbuster’ presentation delivered by Dr Ramesh Manocha. Informal and formal feedback on this presentation was very good.
  2. Subsequent ‘Learn How To Meditate’ workshops were delivered by experienced Corporate Meditation instructors at each Capital City location each week for three weeks.    Informal and formal feedback on these workshops was also very good.
  • ‘Stressbuster’ SUMMARY REPORT      “Very popular, more than 250 staff provided with explanation, experience, skills & resources for self directed practice”  • 73% of participants experienced significant degree of mental silence in first session • 80% of participants experienced significant improvement in calm & peacefulness   • 62% of participants experienced significant improvement in stress, anxiety, tension • Strong correlation between mental silence and reduced stress, increased sense of calm & peacefulness
  • ‘Learn How To Meditate’  SUMMARY REPORT       “Overall a very positive initiative, highly innovative, with broad and deep value outcomes”   Those who completed ‘Learn How To Meditate’ program manifested substantial increases in positive affect, reductions in negative affect, in short period (3 weeks)  • These shifts are strong indicators of increased resilience and will be associated with increased enthusiasm, productivity and retention.
  • Participant Feedback Samples….

“…..I cannot believe that the company is doing something so amazing like meditation.
• I just came to the last session, is it possible to stay for the next session?
• I started to do the foot bath at home and it has been great, even got a couple of my kids calmed down.
• Will the company be continuing with this class, I think it is great.
• Trust Blakes to fly meditation instructors around the country, they think of everything!
• I wish the senior partners had a way of billing this time, the whole company would be here …. We have to find a way
• What is the next step? Can we continue…….
• Are there any more cd’s, my husband wont let this one go.
• When are you coming back?”

Wellbeing assessment measured using evidence-based, standardised tools  (PANUS)  ~  Positive affect = associated with higher enthusiasm, performance, job satisfaction          ~  Negative affect = associated with stress and low performance               

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