What is meditation?

The truly authentic meditation experience is neither concentration, nor relaxation, neither is it a different way of thinking. Nor does true meditation require extended periods of sustained effort, although regular practise is research proven to benefit greatly.

Meditation is the experience of being in mental silence, the flow state of thoughtless awareness. These ‘flow state’ experiences are personally gratifying, reducing stress, and facilitating both self-mastery and inter-personal productivity.


Self-Actualisation procedures are at the core of Corporate Meditation techniques. The practice of these authentic inner yoga meditation techniques, even for short periods, has been shown scientifically to significantly enhance people’s mental health and well-being at work, reducing stress and improving effectiveness. Longer term practice has also shown significantly improved general health and quality of life.

Short Programs focus on the following specific areas and self-care and leadership techniques:

  1. Stress Buster 4 part Breathing
  2. Self-Actualising ‘I Am’ Affirmations
  3. Raising Your Own Centred Energy
  4. Subtle energy Balancing + Clearing
  5. Flow States and Higher Intuition
  6. Thoughtless Awareness
  7. Art of Balanced Leadership

What is  ’Thoughtless Awareness’ ?

Thoughtless awareness is the Corporate Meditation minimum target experience and its achieved on average by the great majority of participants at their very first try at Corporate Meditation group presentations and workshops. With practise over a 4 week study course, this experience is accessed easily and sustained with little effort.

True yoga meditation seeks this state of deep Mental Silence, or thoughtless awareness, a state of effortless equipoise, flow and integration, that facilitates not only the reduction of stress, but other therapeutic and transformational processes. Mental Silence also facilitates inspiration and intuition, our ‘wordless knowledge’, the generation and discernment of inspired ideas and discrimination. Emotional Intelligence EQ, and Spiritual Intelligence SQ, are usually listed as characteristics of Maslow’s ‘Self Actualisers’.

The Corporate Meditation Group’s secular style programs and presentations utilise these unique, authentic and research proven techniques. They are easy to learn, to use and, with practice, generate significant results quickly.

Who discovered these self-actualising meditation techniques?

Acknowledgement – Nobel Prize nominee and humanitarian Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) originated these techniques and authorised their use in a secular format for both non-profit community service, medical, educational and corporate initiatives like Corporate Meditation.